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Note from IWP: If you have ever heard about such things as the Palestine Mandate and care that a Jewish presence continue in Judea and Samaria, it is incumbent that you volunteer in some capacity to make the law known. We hope that you volunteer in our small grassroots organization. There is much important work that together we could accomplish.

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Category is limited to official documents related to Israel's national rights that are legally binding according to the various approaches of legal authorities who support Israel's rights to its homeland. It also has legitimate international compacts that are often-cited but are not directly relevant to Israel's national rights.

Franco-British Boundary Convention (Dec. 23, 1920), (including caption by Att'y Howard Grief). Bio (Grief) Publication Index (Grief)

Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War arts. 2, 49, Aug. 12, 1949, 6 U.S.T. 3316, 75 U.N.T.S. 135, available at

Mandate for Palestine (July 24, 1922), (including caption by Att'y Howard Grief).
Bio (Grief) Publication Index (Grief)

San Remo Resolution (Apr. 25, 1920), (including caption by Att'y Howard Grief). Bio (Grief) Publication Index (Grief)

S.C. Res. 242, U.N. Doc. S/RES/242 (Nov. 22, 1967), (follow "Resolution 242" hyperlink). Subject Index (S.C., Res. 242)  

U.N. Charter chs. VI, VII, XII, art. 80, available at
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Core Official Documents (Last updated: July 6, 2006).
Quote from Eugene V. Rostow (died on November 25, 2002, from his last letter on the subject to the N.Y. Times)
He says I am "virtually alone" in believing that Israel's legal claim to those territories is stronger than that of any other possible claimant . . .

Talia Einhorn, The Status of Palestine/Land of Israel and its Settlement Under Public International Law, NATIV ONLINE, 2003, (synopsis), (article). Bio (Einhorn) Publication Index (Einhorn) Subject Index (Einhorn, Status)

Douglas J. Feith, A Mandate for Israel, NAT'L INT., Fall 1993, available at Bio (Feith) Publication Index (Feith) Subject Index (Feith, Mandate)

Dore Gold, Baseless Comparisons: UN Security Council Resolutions on Iraq and Israel, JERUSALEM ISSUE BRIEFS, Sept. 24, 2002, Bio (Gold) Publication Index (Gold) Resources (Gold, Baseless) Subject Index (Gold, Baseless)

Howard Grief, Jewish Legal Rights and Title to the Land of Israel and Palestine, NATIV (Isr.), Nov. 2001, translated in LISHKAT HAGAZIT, July 18, 2003, (executive summary), (article). Bio (Grief) Publication Index (Grief) Subject Index (Grief, Jewish)

Howard Grief, Legal Rights and Title of Sovereignty of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel and Palestine Under

International Law
, NATIV ONLINE, 2004, (executive summary), (article). Analysis (Grief, Legal) Bio (Grief) Publication Index (Grief) Resources (Grief, Legal) Subject Index (Grief, Legal)

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israeli Settlements and International Law (May 2001), Publication Index (MFA)

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Statements Clarifying the Meaning of U.N. Security Council Resolution 242 (Nov. 22, 1967), Publication Index (MFA)

ELIHU LAUTERPACHT, JERUSALEM AND THE HOLY PLACES (Anglo-Isr. Ass'n, Pamphlet No. 19, 1968), available at Bio (E. Lauterpacht) Publication Index (E. Lauterpacht) *HARD-TO-FIND*

Yisrael Medad, Jewish Settlements Are Legal According to International Law, ERETZYISROEL.ORG, (last visited Dec. 11, 2005). Bio (Medad) Publication Index (Medad) Subject Index (Medad, Jewish)

Jonathan M. Meyer, Legal Letters On Israel's Rights To Jerusalem, MACCABEAN ONLINE, Sept. 1996, Publication Index (Meyer)

Meir Rosenne, Understanding UN Security Council Resolution 242 of November 22, 1967, on the Middle East, in DEFENSIBLE BORDERS FOR A LASTING PEACE (2005), available at Bio (Rosenne) Publication Index (Rosenne)

Eugene V. Rostow, Bricks and Stones: Settling for Leverage; Palestinian Autonomy, NEW REPUBLIC, Apr. 23, 1990, available at Bio (Rostow) Publication Index (Rostow)

Eugene V. Rostow, Resolved: Are the Settlements Legal? Israeli West Bank Policies, NEW REPUBLIC, Oct. 21, 1991, available at Bio (Rostow) Publication Index (Rostow)

Stephen M. Schwebel, What Weight to Conquest?, 64 AM. J. INT'L L. 344 (1970), reprinted in JUSTICE IN INTERNATIONAL LAW: SELECTED WRITINGS OF STEPHEN M. SCHWEBEL 521 (1994), available at Bio (Schwebel) Publication Index (Schwebel) Subject Index (Schwebel, Weight) *HARD-TO-FIND*

Eliav Shochetman, What Is the Basis for the Legal Status of Israel and the Settlements, Makor Rishon, Aug. 27, 1999, translated in!XXX. Analysis (Shochetman, Basis) Bio (Shochetman) Publication Index (Shochetman) Subject Index (Shochetman, Basis)

JULIUS STONE & IAN LACEY, EXTRACTS FROM ISRAEL AND PALESTINE - ASSAULT ON THE LAW OF NATIONS (2d ed. 2003), Bio (Stone) Publication Index (Lacey) Publication Index (Stone)Top of category

Legal Rights Under International, American, and Israeli Law (Last updated: September 28, 2006).
Category contains historical documents and works about history that relate to Israel's national rights. It also contains works that project future developments.


Memorial from Wm. E. Blackstone, Chairman of the Conference of Christians and Jews, to Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States, and James G. Blaine, Secretary of State (Mar. 5,1891), Publication Index (Blackstone)


A Letter from Arthur James Balfour, Foreign Secretary, to Lord Rothschild, The Balfour Declaration (Nov. 2, 1917), (^). Publication Index (A. Balfour)


A Letter from Feisal Husseini, King of Syria and Iraq, to Felix Frankfurter, Associate of Dr. Chaim Weizmann (Mar. 3, 1919), reprinted in SAMUEL KATZ, BATTLEGROUND: FACT & FANTASY IN PALESTINE (1973), available at Analysis (Emir Feisal, Letter) Publication Index (Emir Feisal) Resources (Husseini, Letter) Subject Index (Emir Feisal, Letter)


David Ben-Gurion, Address at the Basle Session of the 20th Zionist Congress in Zurich, Switzerland (Aug. 1937), quoted in No Jew Has the Right to Give Up (Eretz Yisrael) the Land of Israel, MACCABEAN ONLINE, Feb. 2004, Analysis (Ben-Gurion, Basle) Bio (Ben-Gurion) Publication Index (Ben-Gurion) Resources (Ben-Gurion, Basle)

1944  Brand-new!

Republican Party Platform of 1944 [Palestine] (June 26th, 1944), ("In order to give refuge to millions of distressed Jewish men, women and children driven from their homes by tyranny, we call for the opening of Palestine to their unrestricted immigration and land ownership, so that in accordance with the full intent and purpose of the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and the Resolution of a Republican Congress in 1922, Palestine may be constituted as a free and democratic Commonwealth. We condemn the failure of the President to insist that the mandatory of Palestine carry out the provision of the Balfour Declaration and of the mandate while he pretends to support them.").


Debate of the First Knesset on Annexation of the West Bank by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (May 3, 1950), in 2 MAJOR KNESSET DEBATES, 1948-1981, at 571 (Netanel Lorch ed., Dorothea Vanson-Shefer trans., 1993), available at ("We are confronted by a problem of that kind today, but our position is far better, since we have control of 80 percent of our territory . . . although 20 percent of our territory has been annexed by the neighboring Arab country...." - Foreign Minister, M. Sharett). [Included Glossary of Political Parties and Personalities] Bio (Begin) Bio (Sharett) Publication Index (Begin) Publication Index (Sharett)


Memorandum from Earle G. Wheeler, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff to Robert S. McNamara, Secretary of Defense, Subject: Middle East Boundaries (June 29, 1967), Publication Index (JCS) Resources (Wheeler, Memorandum)


Memorandum of Conversation Between Henry A. Kissinger, U.S. Secretary of State, and Sadun Hammadi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq (Dec. 17, 1975), available at
(Kissinger: "We can't negotiate about the existence of Israel but we can reduce its size to historical [sic] proportions."). Analysis (Memorandum, Kissinger-Hammadi) Publication Index (Kissinger) Resources (Memorandum, Kissinger-Hammadi)


Statement to the United Nations General Assembly by Foreign Minister Dayan, 10 October 1977, in 4-5 ISRAEL'S FOREIGN RELATIONS (n.d.), ("No state today has any claims of sovereignty, to what was Mandatory Palestine, that are better than or even equal to Israel's claims."). Bio (Dayan) Publication Index (Dayan)


Background: Rabin's Forgotten Program - No Palestinian State, No Settlement Freeze, Gush Katif as Model, IMRA, Mar. 27, 2004, (summarizing Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Address Before the Knesset (Oct. 5, 1995)). Analysis (Rabin, Background) Bio (Rabin) Publication Index (Rabin)Top of category

Historical Developments (Last updated: July 17, 2007).
Category exposes and counters the duplicity and ignorance surrounding Israel's national rights.

[Admits Palestinians not the indigenous population] MEMRI: Abbas Speech: This is a Struggle Between the Nat'l Project & the Emirate of Darkness, IMRA, June 22, 2007, (Abbas: "One of the oldest churches in Palestine, which stood long before our arrival [in the region], was looted and set on fire."). Publication Index (Abbas)

Moshe Dann, Peace at Any Cost, FRONTPAGEMAG.COM, Oct. 21, 2004, Publication Index (Dann)

Daniel Doron, The Meaning of 'al-Nakba', JERUSALEM POST, May 24, 2001, at 8, available at Bio (Doron) Publication Index (Doron) *HARD-TO-FIND*

Elliott A Green, What Did Rome Call the Land Of Israel -- & Where Were its Borders?, ACTUAL JERUSALEM, Winter 2003, Publication Index (Green)

Letter from Eli E. Hertz, President, Myths and Facts, to Attorney Osnat Mandel, Director of the BAGATZ Department, Israeli State Attorney Office, regarding the State's defense regarding the validity of the Mandate for Palestine in the disengagement (pinui/pitzui) appeals before the High Court of Justice. (May 3, 2005),
. Bio (Hertz) Publication Index (Hertz) Brand-new!

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Which Came First - Terrorism or "Occupation"? (Mar. 2002), Publication Index (MFA)

Shmuel Katz, Get the Word Out, JERUSALEM POST, Dec. 17, 2001, at 6, available at Bio (Katz) Publication Index (Katz) Resources (Katz, Word) Subject Index (Katz, Word)

MEMRI TV, Clip #1205 - Ziyad Abu 'Ein, Member of Fatah Leadership:

If Not for the Oslo Accords, There Would Have Been No

Intifada, (excerpting Al-Alam TV July 4, 2006).

Rachel Neuwirth Thanks to Salomon Benzimra for his Contributions, The Morass of Middle East Diplomacy, AM. THINKER, May 10, 2006, Bio (Benzimra) Bio (Neuwirth) Publication Index (Benzimra) Publication Index (Neuwirth)

Top of category

Lies of the Arabs, the Western World, and the Media (Last updated: July 13, 2007).
Category refutes the applicability of the term "occupation" in a restrictive or broader sense to Israel. The first article provides historical background for the subject.

Howard Grief, The Origin of the Occupation Myth, NATIV ONLINE, Oct. 2005, (scroll down) (summary), (article). Bio (Grief) Publication Index (Grief) Subject Index (Grief, Origin)

Moshe Dann, Legality of the Settlements, (added Apr. 26, 2006). Publication Index (Dann) *SPECIAL FEATURE*

Dore Gold, From "Occupied Territories" to "Disputed Territories", JERUSALEM VIEWPOINTS (Jerusalem Ctr. for Pub. Affairs, Jerusalem, Isr.), Jan. 16, 2002, Bio (Gold) Publication Index (Dann) Subject Index (Gold, Occupied)

Richard Haar, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Responds to Richard Haar's Question at Israel Bonds Breakfast-Reception, UNITEDJERUSALEM.ORG, May 23, 2005, Publication Index (Sharon)

Doron Kescher, Europe's Preoccupation with Occupation, ISRAELINSIDER, June 4, 2003, Publication Index (Kescher).

Press Release, Morton A. Klein, President of ZOA , Op-Ed, There Is No "Occupation" (May 10, 2002), Bio (Klein) Publication Index (Klein)

Eugene V. Rostow, Israeli Settlement and the Geneva Convention, N.Y. TIMES, Apr. 1, 1992, at A24, available at Bio (Rostow) Publication Index (Rostow)

Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, Remarks at the Pentagon Town Hall Meeting (Aug. 6, 2002), excerpted in Bio (Rumsfeld) Publication Index (Rumsfeld)

Boris Shusteff, The Myth of "Occupied" Territories, MACCABEAN ONLINE, June 2001, Bio (Shusteff) Publication Index (Shusteff)

Mark Wildes, Occupied Land, ISR. HASBARA COMMITTEE, Apr. 28, 2003, Publication Index (Wildes)
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Fallacy of ''Occupation'' (Last updated: March 21, 2007).

Declaration of Principles

EUGENE ROSTOW, THE FUTURE OF PALESTINE (Nat'l Def. Univ., McNair Paper 24, 1993), Bio (Rostow) Publication Index (Rostow) Subject Index (Rostow, Future)

Interim Agreement

Louis René Beres, Why the Oslo Accords Should Be Abbrogated by Israel: A Jurisprudential Memorandum for the New Prime Minister, MACCABEAN ONLINE, July 1996, Analysis (Beres, Oslo) Bio (Beres) Publication Index (Beres)

HOWARD GRIEF & DAVID HEIMOWITZ, PETITION TO SUPREME COURT FOR AN ORDER NISI (Yamin Isr. Party, Policy Papers [The Judiciary (Supreme Court)], n.d.), (executive summary), (article). Bio (Grief) Publication Index (Grief) Publication Index (Heimowitz) Subject Index (Grief, Petition)

Herbert B. Sunshine, The Contractual Effect of Oslo: A Legal Analysis, MACCABEAN ONLINE, Sept. 1996, Publication Index (Sunshine)

Sharm el-Sheikh Memorandum

Executive Summary to HOWARD GRIEF, THE ILLEGALITY OF THE SHARM E-SHEIKH MEMORANDUM UNDER ISRAELI LAW (Ariel Ctr. for Policy Research, Policy Paper No. 91, 1999), Bio (Grief) Publication Index (Grief)

Quartet Road Map

Shmuel Neumann, Civil Rights Class Action Suit (Feb. 9, 2005), Bio (Neumann) Publication Index (Neumann) *SPECIAL FEATURE*

Gaza Disengagement Plan

Howard Grief, The Transfer of Jews Under Prime Minister Sharon's Unilateral Disengagement Plan, NATIV ONLINE, Mar. 2005, Bio (Grief) Publication Index (Grief) Subject Index (Grief, Transfer)


Yoram Shifftan, A Legal Challenge to Sharon's Uprooting Policy, THINK-ISR., Mar.-Apr. 2005, Publication Index (Shifftan)

Court Opinions on the Fence (I.C.J. Advisory Opinion and HCJ 2056/04)

Howard Grief, Herbert B. Sunshine et al., The Law vs Aharon Barak, IMRA, Oct. 22, 2004, Bio (Grief) Publication Index (Grief) Publication Index (Sunshine) Resources (Grief, Law)


Elyakim Haetzni, Regrets..., PROPHETIC ROUND-UP, July 12, 2004, Bio (Haetzni) Publication Index (Haetzni)


Malvina Halberstam, The General Assembly Resolution, the ICJ Decision, Another General Assembly Resolution Condemning Israel's Construction of the "Fence", (last visited Feb. 9, 2006). Bio (Halberstam) Publication Index (Halberstam)


ELI E. HERTZ, REPLY (enhanced version 2006), Bio (Hertz) Publication Index (Hertz) *FULL-LENGTH BOOK*


Press Release, Professors for a Strong Israel, Re: Facing the International Court (July 9, 2004), Bio (PSI) Publication Index (PSI)


David Singer, The Fence Is on Whose Land?, JEWISH INTERNET ASS'N, Feb. 26, 2004, Publication Index (Singer)

David Singer, United Nations Vote Presages State Sponsored Global Anti-Semitism, THINK-ISR., Sept.-Oct. 2004, Publication Index (Singer) Resources (Singer, United Nations)
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Legal Analysis of Current Events (Last updated: August 4, 2006).
Our long-term category goal is to index detailed subject headings of lasting value for all credible works in the print and electronic media that support Israel's rights to its homeland or serve to document its obfuscation by public officials. The entries for this category on the homepage cycle downward as new ones become available.

Palestinian Arabs, Not an Indigenous Population  

Oslo Accords, U.S. Pushed Israel to Make Concessions as Part of  

Security Council, Doubtful if Could Annul Jewish Right of Settlement in Western Palestine  

Palestine, In its Entirety the Jewish National Home  

Ceding Portions of Jewish Land, Legally Questionable Under International or Israeli Law  

Balfour Declaration, Pre-Approved by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson  

Churchill White Paper, Actually Written by Sir Herbert Samuel  

Palestine, Borders Specifically Delineated for the First Time Ever by the Franco-British Boundary Convention of December 23, 1920  

George W. Bush, First U.S. President to Call for a "Palestinian State"  

Herbert Hansell's Letter on Illegality of Israeli Settlements, Analysis of    
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Subject Index (Last updated: July 9, 2007).

Disclaimer: IWP cannot verify the factual assertions made in every work. Management reserves the right to include an individual author's work on the basis of his/her academic credentials and/or relevant experience. As a general rule, a master's degree or equivalent is required.

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